Welcome to the Website of 
the Project group Heritage New Netherland 

It gives us real pleasure, to introduce to you this New Netherland Portal website initiative. It is part of a wide range of other heritage initiatives and projects which have been established in the last 10 years with the New Netherland Companions. The companions are a group of volunteers whom each have there own heritage specialism. They work together and are unconditionally involved in any New Netherland related heritage project or initiative. 

This website is still under construction and will be gradually be built onto in the upcoming months. Its purpose is to become a portal site for all new Netherland related activities. Its objective is to offer a link to every other website and information source available by the Internet. It will also report about the activities, agendas, programs and their status as well as the latest news on New Netherland related activities. 

2009 offers a unique moment in history to solidify the Dutch Heritage Legacy. The initiatives and projects will enable to continue into the future and carry on the Dutch Legacy. 2009 is just the beginning. Let it become a new discovery.

Explore and enjoy.
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